“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”
—Lao Tzu

Inspired Wholeness Lifestyle Coaching

Are you feeling compromised health-wise, without a solution for what’s ailing you?

Maybe it’s time to jump off the medical treadmill and embrace a truly holistic approach. One that includes not just physical health, but emotional, mental and spiritual health.  

Inspired Wholeness Lifestyle Coaching focuses on 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being, created by her mentor, Kedjari:

  • The Spiritual Power: The highest divine conscious energy that is contained in everything
  • Improved Mental State: Your capacity to feel joy, contentment, happiness and peace
  • Emotional Resilience: The ability to express your emotions without being captive to them
  • Vibrant Health: Attaining a state of abundant health that enables you to age gracefully

We support your journey to wholeness through personalized coaching and healing sessions, coupled with add-ons from our suite of Inspired Wholeness Spa services. The goal is always on long-term lifestyle solutions, not treating symptoms with quick fixes.

We gently guide you to look within and discover the root cause of your condition. Once discovered, we work together to restore your body’s natural balance and rhythm.  

Program details

  • Registration opens June 2020
  • Four-month commitment
  • In-person or online
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Supporting eBook

Herbs are“natural healers” that can help you achieve and maintain your health without the harmful side effects that pharmaceuticals present.

In this book, trained herbalist Deana Tareshawty shares how to take care of your “whole self” through a lifestyle approach that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health—and how herbal medicine plays a role in all of these areas. 

The six superpower herbs in this book all do “double duty” to heal chronic pain and illnesses. You will learn how to choose and work with each herb, as well as track your progress through suggested daily practices and journaling exercises.

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My one-on-one experience with Deana was like nothing I had ever even imagined was possible. I am deeply grateful to have met Deana. She is a healer I am confident referring her to anyone.
Gwen Edenfield
When I had the privilege of working with Deana, I felt confident that her recommendations were always coming from the highest source of wisdom and direct experience. She is versatile, warm, and she is very open and easy to talk with when it comes to discussing health concerns.
Kambra McConnel
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